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domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2010

Pra Colecionador

1939 Bugatti Type 57C Atalante Coupe

The spectacular Bugatti Type 57 was introduced in 1934 and continued in production until 1940. All variations in the series were powered by a 3257cc straight-eight engine with double overhead camshafts that produced between 130 and 140 horsepower. Form and function mesh brilliantly with this 1939 Bugatti Type 57C Atalante Coupe.
1930 Cadillac V-16 Model 452 A Town Car

The V-16 engine, introduced in 1930, is what sets this 1930 Cadillac V-16 Model 452 A Town Car apart from its prestigious competition. The overhead valve engine provided exceptional acceleration with minimal shifting, making this massive car truly fleet of feet. The famed engine was an engineering masterpiece, producing 165 horsepower and 320 pounds/feet of torque. This engine helped catapult Cadillac into the lofty realm of Packard, Peerless, and Pierce-Arrow.

1930 Cadillac Model 353 Berline Transformable Body By Hibbard Et Darrin

The 1930 Cadillac Model 353 Berline Transformable with body by Hibbard Et Darrin was among the elite of luxury cars in the early 1930s. Sadly, the Great Depression whittled away sales, and ornate masterpieces such as this would never be seen again.

1938 BMW 328

BMW introduced the Type 328 in 1936. Highly advanced, it featured an aerodynamic alloy body attached to a tubular space frame. The dual-overhead cam engine easily generated 80 hp, and examples such as this 1938 328 had notable success in the racing circuit, winning at Mille Miglia and achieving first in class at Le Mans.

1965 Porsche 356 C 1600 SC

The last year of production of the 356C was 1965. The top-of-the-line model was the 1600SC which had an engine developed from the Super 90.

1937 A.C. March 16/80 Sports Tourer

As the name implies, the 1937 A.C. March 16/80 Sports Tourer was designed by the Earl of March. As a young man, March worked at Bentley Motors under the tutelage of W.O. Bentley, and eventually became a race car circuit owner and driver. Upon its release, the 16/80 Sports Tourer was a great commercial success.

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