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Neutral hotel-chic bedroom | Bedroom decorating ideas | Bedroom | Ideal Home | IMAGE | Housetohome.co.uk

Neutral hotel-chic bedroom

Modern floral bedroom | Bedroom decorating ideas | Bedroom | Livingetc | IMAGE | Housetohome.co.uk

Modern floral bedroom

The floral blind fabric in this bedroom makes a feminine statement, tempered with charcoal-grey upholstery and a utilitarian dressing table. The overall look is sexy rather than girlie.
Soft lilac and neutral bedroom | Neutral bed | Modern bedroom idea | Image | Housetohome

Soft lilac and neutral bedroom

Where once fretwork would have been confined to panels, it's now popping up in surface pattern - a luxurious, statement rug - and digital imagery, such as this eye-catching printed wallpaper.
Modern green bedroom | Modern bedroom design | Modern bedroom decorating ideas | Livingetc | IMAGE | Housetohome.co.uk

Modern green bedroom

This contemporary bold bedroom uses an unexpected colour to great effect. The simple, sleek furnishings add to this fresh and modern bedroom scheme.
Modern patterned bedroom | Bedroom decorating ideas | Bedroom | Livingetc | IMAGE | Housetohome.co.uk

Modern patterned bedroom

This bedroom features an exciting mix of colour, pattern and texture. The dramatic wallpaper and artwork add an exotic touch.
Neutral chic bedroom | Bedroom decorating ideas | Bedroom | Ideal Home | IMAGE | Housetohome.co.uk

Neutral chic bedroom

This stylish bedroom combines polished walnut, oak and birch with slubby linen and wool to create a sleek, contemporary feel.
Forest green bedroom with four-poster bed | Bedroom decorating ideas | Bedroom | Homes & Gardens | IMAGE | Housethome.co.uk

Forest green bedroom with four-poster bed

This fantasy bedroom uses rich forest greens with woody browns to create drama, tempered with clean milky-white tones. Minimal accessories prevent the scheme from becoming too rustic.
Glamorous pink bedroom | Bedroom | Bedroom decorating ideas | Livingetc | IMAGE | Housetohome.co.uk

Glamorous pink bedroom

This stunning bedroom features elegant touches, sexy sparkle and a soft palette. Satin soft furnishings add a touch of glamour to this ultra-feminine bedroom.
Pretty monochrome bedroom | Bedroom | Bedroom decorating ideas | Livingetc | IMAGE | Housetohome.co.uk

Pretty monochrome bedroom

This bedroom balances out the intensity of wall-to-wall pattern by grounding the scheme with fresh, simple white. The look is pulled together with flashes if black.
Dramatic bedroom | Modern bedroom | Modern bed | Image | Housetohome

Dramatic bedroom

For a dramatic, sumptuous look, heavy velvet cushions and bedlinen in a mix of rich tones have been matched with crisp white walls and delicate paper lights.
Black floral bedroom | Bedroom design | Floral wallpaper | Image | Housetohome

Black floral bedroom

A punkier approach to petals is taken by the use of roses silhouetted against a hint-of-pink background. The curtains echo the theme, but the blooms are softer, while largely monochrome furniture keeps the look the right side of fussy.
Grecian-style bedroom | White bedroom | Bed | Image | Housetohome

Grecian-style bedroom

The Grecian style is all about luxury and classicism. Layers of fabrics adorned with Greek keys or toga stripes make for an elegant and indulgent bed. The low hung pendant light adds modernism to the room.
Patchwork bedroom | Bespoke | Image | Housetohome

Patchwork bedroom

In this patchwork bedroom, the hidden cupboard storage is covered with mix-and-match papers and paints.
Statement bedroom wallcovering | Modern bedroom | Wallcovering | Image | Housetohome

Statement bedroom wallcovering

This striking wallpaper is an eye-catching modern feature. The tones of grey marry perfectly with the soft blue bed, while the ruffled bedlinen mirrors the texture of the wallpaper.
Romantic bedroom | Bedrooms | Design ideas | Image | Housetohome

Romantic bedroom

Walls painted in wide pastel stripes give this bedroom a romantic feel. The bold floral bedding adds a feminine touch, while the chandelier introduces luxury into the room.
Modern blue bedroom | Bedroom idea | Bedroom | Image | Housetohome

Modern blue bedroom

Striking shelving affords the perfect showcase for an assortment of treasures. The varying shades of blue give the scheme a modern edge.
Ikat patterned bedroom | Bedroom decorating | Headboard idea | Image | Housetohome

Ikat patterned bedroom

Ikat-covered headboards lend an individual touch to this simple divan as well as giving off a relaxed Eastern vibe.
Vibrant sultry bedroom | Colourful bedroom idea | Bedroom feature wall | Image | Housetohome

Vibrant sultry bedroom

Team a palette of super-charged brights with darks for a sleek sultry look worthy of any bedroom. Statement furniture such as this wire chair helps to give a real wow factor.
Sophisticated grey bedroom | Simple bedroom design | Relaxing neutral bedroom | Image | House to Home

Sophisticated grey bedroom

A floating wall has been created in front of the original wall and decorated with two different shades and textures. Positioning the bed against the new wall and fitting shelves and rails behind it creates a dressing area with hidden storage - the perfect contemporary alternative to wardrobes.
Pink floral bedroom | Bedroom canopy | Quirky bedroom idea | Image | Housetohome

Pink floral bedroom

Matching fabric and wallpaper creates a modern remix of the English country house style. Super-sized motifs, edgy greys and contemporary shapes blast out any vestige of nostalgia.
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